“The European State Lotteries and Toto Association”, generally referred to as “European Lotteries” (EL), is the European umbrella organisation of national lotteries operating games of chance for the public benefit in more than 40 European countries – with 50 members in all EU Member States.

Our values

player protection



About the European Lotteries

EL is the EUROPEAN LOTTERY AND GAMBLING sector’s largest and most representative organisation

It has been for many years and remains a trusted partner of the European Institutions and other relevant stakeholders such as ENGSO – the European Sports NGO and the European Disability Forum (EDF). EL is an official partner of the European Week of Sport (EWoS) and supports several European initiatives such as ASPIRE and the Council of Europe project KCOOS+.

EL members are both state-owned and private operators offering lottery, gambling and betting services on-and-offline

EL members only operate in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed and where they pay all taxes and comply with the legal requirements (anti-money laundering, responsible gaming policies, etc.)

EL Members support society during COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, EL Members across Europe have been instrumental in supporting local communities – from offering relief and funding medical equipment to the creation of emergency funds and welfare aid. This upholds national lotteries’ historic support and benefit to society in times of need.

Sazka A.S.

in Czech Republic has given a financial donation to the “Podane Ruce” (“Given Hands”) foundation. The organisation delivers cars and employs drivers to distribute food and health supplies to the elderly and those in need.

La Française des Jeux

in France has signed an agreement giving their employees the opportunity to donate their time off to reduce costs and send the financial support to hospitals.


in Greece is supporting the public health system through the provision of essential health care materials to hospitals, including hemodynamic monitors which can be used in Intensive Care Units.

The National Lottery

in Ireland has given €16m of expired unclaimed prize money to support the health sector in their fight against COVID-19.

Santa Casa Misericórdia de Lisboa

in Portugal launched a series of videos demonstrating how their mission to support those in need continues despite Covid-19. Under the slogan “Somos a Casa de Milhares de Portugueses” (“We are a home for thousands of Portuguese”), SCML shows how they continue to take care of the most vulnerable.

Totalizator Sportowy

in Poland has donated 90 cars to hospitals in urgent need of transportation. The vehicles are used to transport PPE and food to the staff working in hospitals with patients suffering from COVID-19. The initiative was carried out in coordination with the Polish Ministry of State Assets and the Ministry of Health.


in Austria has supported the federal government’s efforts to stop COVID-19 by launching an initiative wirtragenmaske.at (“we wear masks”). The Austrian Lotteries and Casinos Austria aim to shine a light on the importance of wearing masks.


in Slovakia has approved financial donations to purchase nebulizers, one of the most important equipment for hospitals. Nebulizers are used for both ventilated patients and those breathing independently. Thanks to Tipos, hospitals will receive more than €50,000 worth of nebulizers.

Loterie Romande

in Switzerland supports the Fondation Mère Sofia which is helping those in need during the epidemic by serving 700 meals every day.


in Italy immediately launched a fundraising campaign for the “Civil Protection” organisation through its sales network, not tied to any form of gambling. Voluntary donations have also been made to “Civil Protection”, charitable organisations and hospitals in the Lombardy region.


in Germany is supporting artists during the crisis – and contributing to the preservation of their cultural scene – by asking local artists to produce a video clip for a fee which will be made available to the public via Westlotto’s YouTube, Twitter and other social media channels.


in Spain actively supports school teachers who help visually impaired students (age 8 to 12) in Salamanca. These activities focus on self-esteem and positive group attitude during the confinement period.

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to read more about the initiatives led by our Members during the Covid-19 pandemic



the current widespread and successful model of national lotteries in Europe


the benefits of national lotteries for society


national gambling policies through the principle of subsidiarity

This website gives background and examples of EL Members’ work for the benefit of society. For more information on our work please visit european-lotteries.org.

History & Tradition

Lotteries are part of strong and longstanding national traditions 
National lotteries have been contributing to society for many years



the first nationwide lottery.



with the purpose of collecting funds to rebuild after the Lisbon earthquake.



like many EU Member States followed the same path and founded their own national lotteries.

Safe and Responsible Playing


Strict regulation, based on national principles, ensure that the games provided by EL members can be played in a safe and transparent environment. Protecting the well-being of the players is of utmost importance to national lotteries.

There is a fine balance between meeting the demand for gambling and ensuring gambling does not negatively impact players and society.

National lotteries strive to strike this balance by channelling players away from unlicensed or illegal operators and providing secure games in a controlled and safe environment.

In all EU Member States, national lotteries must comply with the national regulations for their games and overall operations.

Every single game is subject to a strict set of rules, covering impact tests, advertisement regulations, the number of draws, age and stakes limits, and the way results are published. All operations are regularly monitored and checked by the competent Gambling Authorities.

The national lottery model is jeopardised by the practises of unregulated and illegal operators. They run their activities from offshore hubs and tax heavens and are potentially harmful for consumers because they do not comply with the national responsible gaming requirements.

They represent an unfair competition for legal operators and notably lotteries by avoiding both gambling taxation and the cost of compliance with legal requirements.

EL and its Members are committed to addressing illegal gambling and related criminal activities while minimising any potential harm on society and vulnerable groups.

EL has developed a standard that aims to promote the adoption of best practices across the EL membership: the EL Responsible Gaming Certification.

Examples of player protection/responsible gaming


Jogos Santa Casa runs annual trainings for personnel and retailers on responsibility/player protection standards and its core value of duty to the customer. In 2017 alone, 13,082 retailers participated in this training.


All retailers of Eesti Loto must comply with the guidelines for the responsible management of lottery tickets, which include refusing instant loans or credit for gambling, ensuring all staff are aware of the helpline number and website, and refusing to serve anyone underage.


Together with health experts, La Française des Jeux has created an analysis tool called Serenigame to assess the risks of its products based on their components (attractiveness of prizes, incitement to play again, etc.).

Supporting Society, Culture and Sports

Lotteries in Numbers

to EU Member
States’ budgets

of income
generated by EL members went back to society


Playing national lottery games actively supports society, culture and sport

At a time when national and local government funding is in ever shorter supply, the challenges faced by communities across Europe are ever more complex.

From education, science, art and culture, sport and leisure to supporting the disadvantaged and disabled, there are many deserving calls on limited funding.

Funding from national lotteries in Europe represents a reliable source and an indispensable part of the income that allows them to operate sustainably. Without National Lotteries, European society, culture and welfare would be €21 billion poorer.

As a founding member of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), EL works to fight against match fixing and to safeguard the values and the integrity of sport.

EL adopted its own Sport Betting Code of Conduct to reassure the public that its members are and will always be reliable and responsible operators.

Funding contributions to sport examples


In Hungary, helps promising athletes compete in national and international sporting events.


In Poland, has spent more than €2.8 billion on the development of sports and sports infrastructure in the country since its inception.


has contributed €2 billion to sports
in its 33-year history.

The UK National

contributed over £80 million (€88 million) to support more than 1,300 athletes in preparation for the Rio Olympics and beyond.

Funding contributions to health & disability organisations examples


(The National Assocation for the Blind) in Spain, established a lottery in 1938. ONCE supports 71,000 jobs (57% are people with disabilities) and provides €230 million every year in dedicated funding of social support for people with disabilities.


in Greece, has renovated 64% of the two largest Children Hospitals, investing €12 million and sharing smiles with 200,000 children. The project, launched in 2014, is still in progress.


in Belgium, funded medical services and studies to fight cancer.

Funding contributions to culture examples


in Germany, has provided more than €500 million for the conservation of monuments in the country since 1991.


in Finland, provides roughly half of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s budget for arts and culture – around €224 million in 2019.


in Italy, co-funded the restoration of Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in 2017.

Funding contributions to state budgets examples

La Française des Jeux

in France, provided €3.6 billion to the national exchequer in 2018.

The German state lotteries

contributed nearly €3 billion to the state budgets of the 16 German Länder and to other good causes in 2018.

Nederlandse Loterij

in The Netherlands, contributes €92 million a year to the Dutch state budget.


In Italy, in its Lotto, Superenalotto and instant lotteries contributed, in 2018, €2.65 billion to the Italian state budget from taxation.

National Lotteries deserve to be safeguarded and supported at national and EU levels

Nationally licensed and regulated lotteries have proved to work successfully for generations. They are a transparent and consistent source of financing for the benefit of European society.

Currently, the gambling sector within the EU is regulated in strict observance of the “principle of subsidiarity”. EU Member States have the exclusive competence to set the objectives of their gambling policy and to define the modalities to achieve them for their citizens.

EL promotes a sound and sustainable gaming model for the benefit of society in which a high level of consumer protection and responsible gaming are prioritised.

EL fully supports the continued application of the “principle of subsidiarity” in the gambling sector, as the key element to secure and safeguard the common objectives of general interest:

the protection of consumers, particularly minors, the fight against gambling addiction and the fight against illegal operators.

EL is defined by the core values of responsibility/player protection, sustainability/society and integrity. These values differentiate its members clearly from all other gambling operators.

Actions at national level in the gambling sector are more effective than at EU level

EL supports EU action where it is relevant, such as in the protection of personal data and the fight against money laundering.

The sustainable lottery model advocated by EL

is continuously threatened by thousands of illegal operators.



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